“One note, when used with intention and awareness can add incredible depth to group music.”

Our three pillars of organizational teambuilding through rhythm: Transforming the individual, developing a common goal and strengthening team communication.

The simplicity a rhythm circle serves as an incredible tool to explore and practice team communication and collaboration. The circle itself is the platform for everyone to be aware they are part of something larger, connected in the common goal of creating music together. We will, one note at a time, move your employees from a group of individuals to an inspired, interconnected team!



If you watch close enough, when a group enters the room there is a certain amount of tension and doubt. Thoughts and fears about their own personal rhythm experience, musical ability or even carried over tension from the work place and everyday lives permeate the space. As our facilitators begin to break the ice with fun rhythm games and small amounts of instruction, you can feel the nervousness dissipate, the group relax and interest begin to spark.



Once we have built on these small success and lead the group into their first rhythm, the individual voices begin to fade and a collective voice begins to emerge. This acts a catalyst for your group reaching a deeper level of communication and camaraderie. The collective voice gives a common vision to the group and these rhythms become a metaphor for the larger vision of your organization.



Once we have reached a common goal our groove becomes a powerful support for the members to take risks and offer their own creativity. Here, our facilitators highlight the ways the group can use simple tools and their own creativity to deepen the complexity of the music and group communication. The unique voices begin to reemerge – powerful and confident – in service to the larger group goal. Your group then collaborates to become their own in-the-moment orchestra. Then they might dance. Smiling may also happen.



“It was amazing to watch Lucas facilitate each circle with the power of his drum. His high, positive energy
and skills in using the drum to lead each group made the experience enjoyable for each participant.”
~ Kerri Kenwell, Music Teacher, Graminia School