As a parent, it was so gratifying to see your child on fire for something other than a video game. Consistently, my children came home dying to tell me about what Luke did that day. “This is what we learned mom! Let me show you!” I didn’t have to pry for information. They gave it up willingly and enthusiastically. I had the opportunity to also sit in the sessions. Lucas had a tremendous presence and the students were all engaged and following his lead. He was patient and encouraging and an expert body language reader. Lucas had the students figured out really quick and only pushed when he needed too and let the shy students feel comfortable and supported. I too am sad to see the program end. It is the best residency I have participated in in the 14 years I’ve been teaching so far. Well done Lucas and Deb! Can’t find a strong enough adjective to describe the superb program and excellent instruction.

Parent/Teacher -Millwoods Christian School

“Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm is an amazing program for students of all ages. Every child in our school came away with a positive experience and are asking for more” Luke is such an incredible facilitator. He knows how to  engage the students and bring out their creativity. I can’t until they can come back to our school”

Shelley Gray Music Teacher Willow Park School

This drumming residence was nothing short of spectacular!  Our school is an inclusive site, with many students who have complex behaviour and emotional needs, but Lucas didn’t miss a beat.  He was able to not only manage the students, but bring out the best in even the most hesitant of students. All the students were fully engaged and I have never seen so much excitement when it came time to enter the drumming circle!  The final drumming celebration was an incredibly powerful demonstration of community and the power of inclusion to all the staff, students and parents who attended.  I would not hesitate to recommend this drumming residence to any school and any age group, from Kinders to adult! 

Carla Stolte (Music Teacher) – Mt. Royal School

“Lucas’ passion for drumming was contagious as student engagement was extremely high. Through diversification of instructions and unique techniques, the students had great success. It was an experience our students and school thoroughly enjoyed!

-Scott Cunningham (Physical Education Teacher – Fort Vermilion Public School) 

Lucas and Deb from Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm know how to engage all of the students as they work to coordinate the students creating music together. The students are able to fully participate no matter their age or ability. Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm’s final presentation brings together the whole school community as students, staff and parents participate in a drum circle creating something magical together. This is an extremely well organized Artist in Residence that got the students excited about what they were learning and highly motivated to continue their learning after the group was gone.


The experience really will change my teaching. I already tried a couple of different improvisational things on Friday have many more ideas of things I’m going to try.  I want the students making music all the time, and creating their own music way more than they have in the past.  Thanks so much!


I appreciated the deliberate symbolism of “community” that Lucas infused into every lesson. He generated some powerful metaphors that our class can refer back to throughout the year (ie. leaving “space” for eachother, trying to identify what the group needs and placing that above what “we want to play”, etc.) It was a spectacular week!

TEACHER – Millwoods Christian school

This is a wonderful residency, bringing together students across all cultures, languages, ages and abilities. Our special needs students’ needs were also well met. The students thoroughly enjoyed the week, many who do not generally achieve success were able to do so, and ALL could demonstrate learning over the week. This was an awesome way to begin our school year and bring our students together in a community atmosphere. It also fits so well with our Leader In Me program at the school. Thank you so much!

Principal – Belmead Elementary

“Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm was a fantastic experience for our entire school community.  Students and staff walked out of every session with big smiles, great rhythm and the ability to create music! I would certainly welcome the drum circle experience back to our school again!”

Fred Fronseca Principal Donnan Elementary

“This residency was an excellent experience for all ages of students.  Lucas captures the attention of all participants and leads sessions that are hands-on, motivating, instructionally sound, and teach valuable lessons in leadership and follwership through music.”

Lelie Campbell Grade 3 Teacher Hillview Elementary

“Our students loved the entire experience.  Lucas’ energy is infectious, all of our students K-6 were completely engaged and all were able to be successful.  We would, without hesitation, recommend this residency.”

Shaunda Yeoman Principal Thorncliffe Elementary

“I want to tell you again how cool the drumming concert was.  I am so impressed with you and the school and all the things that Hanson gets to do. Its awesome!!!”

-Parent Tomahawk Elementary

“That was better than video games”

-Grade 5 student Mcleod School