Our vision at Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm is to have a school improv rhythm program at every school in Alberta.




Founder & Managing Director

Amidst a backdrop of academic challenges as a troubled youth, Lucas Coffey discovered his life’s rhythm in the most unexpected of places – a transformative drum circle. Witnessing the harmonious convergence of strangers into a unified whole through the mesmerizing art of musical improvisation, Lucas found solace and purpose. His journey began in Ontario, taking a dramatic turn in Edmonton, AB, where the steadfast encouragement of his high school drama teacher, Bev Barss, became the guiding light leading him toward a fresh start.

Driven by the profound impact of drum circles and the influence of a positive adult role model, Lucas embarked on a mission to transform his own trials into opportunities for others. This vision materialized as Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm, a resounding success as an artist-in-residence program. With an unwavering commitment to making a difference, Lucas has shared the magic of improvised music with over 100,000 students across Alberta and North America, leaving an indelible mark on young minds.

A luminary in the field, Lucas stands as the co-founder of Rhythm for Youth, a groundbreaking training initiative empowering educators to establish or enrich their own improvisational rhythm programs. He extends his expertise globally as a drum circle trainer affiliated with Arthur Hull’s esteemed Village Music Circles. Lucas has graced prestigious platforms, captivating audiences at the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild conferences in 2017, 2021, and 2022, the GETCA teachers conference in 2017, the Seattle World Rhythm Festival in 2018, and the REMO Centre for Music in 2018.

Lucas Coffey’s legacy further extends to the realm of literature, with his upcoming e-book, “4 Principles of Ensemble Improv,” promising to be an insightful guide to the art he has mastered. Through his passion, dedication, and profound understanding of the transformative power of music, Lucas continues to inspire, educate, and uplift, leaving an enduring resonance in the hearts of all who encounter his extraordinary work.



Artistic & Administrative Director

If you were to flip through the dictionary under ‘Renaissance woman,’ Sierra Jamerson’s picture would be right there, smiling back at you. She’s that cool mix of laid-back and accomplished, from spontaneous concerts in charming French villages and lively busking sessions in New York, to sharing the stage with the likes of Josh Groban and even performing for Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She’s the visionary behind Soul to Soul Singing, a holistic vocal coaching practice, and the voice behind the 5th Chakra Podcast, where she delves into the nuances of self-expression and finding one’s voice.

Armed with a Diploma in Jazz Vocal Performance from MacEwan University and a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Care (CYC) from the University of Victoria, Sierra likes to make her mark in the world. She has dedicated her skills to the Edmonton Catholic School Division’s Braided Journeys program, supported youth in foster care and spearheaded transformative youth programming and restorative circles. Amongst youth, Sierra is often called the ‘school auntie,’ a trusted figure who contributes to the growth of the younger generation.

Sierra’s passion for community-building takes an innovative turn through drum circles. Above all, she believes in the power of music, culture, and creativity to heal and empower. When she’s not holding down the fort at Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm you’ll find Sierra on stage with her electrifying band, hoarding jewelry like a magpie, and most importantly, taking very long naps. In every beat, note, and moment of rest, Sierra brings her infectious blend of talent, warmth, and genuine authenticity to others.




Deborah Bortscher stands as a certified drum circle facilitator and soundscape artist, deeply passionate about orchestrating transformative communal experiences through the marvels of nature, music, storytelling, and exploration. Drawing from the profound teachings of acclaimed drum circle facilitator trainers such as Arthur Hull, Christine Stevens, Simon Faulkner, Cameron Tummel, Lucas Coffey, and numerous others, Deborah has adeptly merged her expertise as a naturalist with the art of facilitating drum circles and soundscapes.

Her innovative approach, rooted in the wisdom of master facilitators, enables her to create spontaneous and interactive musical encounters, fostering a profound connection with nature. Deborah’s journey has been enriched by her exploration of various traditional drumming styles, with a particular fondness for the intricate rhythms of West African ensemble, inspired greatly by the guidance of mentor Bill Mitchell in the realm of djembe playing.

Moreover, her deep reverence for songs, chants, drumming, and flute melodies from Indigenous cultures worldwide has been cultivated through her interactions with numerous elders and knowledge keepers. Through her continuous learning and dedication, Deborah Bortscher continues to bridge the gap between music, nature, and humanity, crafting immersive experiences that resonate with depth and authenticity.


“It was amazing to watch Lucas facilitate each circle with the power of his drum. His high, positive energy
and skills in using the drum to lead each group made the experience enjoyable for each participant.”
~ Kerri Kenwell, Music Teacher, Graminia School