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Please read to ensure your school will have the correct number of days for your residency.

The culmination of our RHyTHM RHyTHM RHyTHM residency is a large 150 person finale where parents, community, students & staff all play together to build school spirit through rhythm. To prepare students for the finale they require 3 sessions.

Sessions for K-3 are 30 minutes & 4-9 are 45 minutes (see our schedule requirements for more details).

IN-PERSON (8 sessions with 30 students/session= 240 students/day): $800/day

IN-PERSON DOUBLE (8 sessions with 60 students or 2 classes/session= 480 students/day): $1000/day

ONLINE (8 sessions with 120 students or 4 classes/session= 960 students/day): $950/day

PRE RESIDENCY VIDEOS (Whole school recieves 2 sessions of division specific material): $1000
*Optional drum rental for online & pre residency videos: $2/drum/week

FINALE (up to 5 sessions with 150 drums): $800

ONLINE & PRE RESIDENCY VIDEOS are a great way to:
-Fit a larger residency in a smaller time frame
-Accommodate large schools
-Save money

IN-PERSON is a great way to:
-Stay away from screens
-Maximize energy
-Build relationships and have a personalized experience

Use a mix of both to best suit your schools needs.

Please visit www.affta.ab.ca/grants (Alberta Foundation for the Arts) for more information on the “Artist and Education” grant stream.



“It was amazing to watch Lucas facilitate each circle with the power of his drum. His high, positive energy
and skills in using the drum to lead each group made the experience enjoyable for each participant.”
~ Kerri Kenwell, Music Teacher, Graminia School