“This Rhythm for Youth programme should be given in every school in Canada! It gives teachers, councillors, youth workers and facilitators engaging, thoughtful and workable tools that will bring hugely beneficial results. I highly recommend this training for anyone wanting to bring a fun and innovative addition to their work.”

Lulu Leathley Village Music Circles Endorsed Facilitator Vancouver, BC.

“My school has recently purchased drums for me to use with my students. Whenever they walk into the room and see the circle set up, their eyes light up with excitement. After attending this workshop I am rejuvenated and inspired to continue the work of creating an environment where students create their own improvised music and develop respect and empathy for each other. This training was top notch – thank you again for the gift you have given myself and my students!”

– Connie Ohlmann, Music Teacher, Florence Hallock School

The weekend was so exceptional that, as a teacher in June, I found myself wishing for a couple of more weeks with students to implement my practice.

Karen Polard, Fine Arts Specialist, St. Edmund Elementary/Jr. High School

This workshop is incredible! So many opportunities to learn and practice skills! I love the drums, the ambient sounds, and the ideas to implement into my classroom. Lucas & Cameron’s energy and ability to communicate ideas through sound (drums) is no less than amazing. They are definitely teaching from the heart. ❤️ I can’t wait for the next one!

Miranda Lee, Music Teacher, Ekota Elementary School

Our weekend was active, and the facilitators paid as much attention to group dynamics and individual learning expectations as they paid to activities which would increase our knowledge and skills. It was impressive that both the most advanced and the least experienced participants left the weekend singing high praise for their progress.

Anne McMillan, Elementary Music Specialist, Edmonton [Edm Public substitute]

The Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm Retreat was a completely inspiring opportunity to hone in on existing skills while learning new approaches to facilitation and creating a drum program! The workshops offered a tremendous opportunity to network with other leaders and learners in the field, and the learning will continue on in years to come through intention and practice!

Janina Carlstad, Music Teacher, R W Zahara Elementary School, and musician – SomeAre Solstice Flutes.

The workshop was absolutely packed with useful information, but paced so well with breaks for singing and experiencing different kinds of drum circles that I did not feel exhausted by it. One of the highlights was learning from all the other facilitators as they took their turn in the middle of the circle during the weekend – gave me so many ideas I will be using them years down the road! I feel much better prepared, ready for and even excited about all the future drum circles I will have the privilege of facilitating, thanks to the Rhythm for Youth workshop!

Zoë Say, I facilitate drum circles on campus at the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University and SAIT

The Youth Rhythm workshop was absolutely phenomenal! Being with other Drum Circle Facilitator of varying levels of experience open the doors to networking and idea sharing. Lucas & Cameron and their crew of helpers truly demonstrate with expertise the numerous ways & techniques that can be utilized while facilitating for a variety of drum circle environments. Their energy & approachable personalities make learning safe and open for all who attend their workshops. I am extremely fortunate to have been able to attend their weekend workshop in Edmonton, Alberta.

-Sara Neufeld, substitute teacher, Drum Circle Facilitator.

As a drum circle facilitator this workshop really helped me to better understand what was missing from my own body of knowledge and equipped me with the skills I need to offer more well rounded programming. Being in the learning environment where a large percentage of the participants were school teachers, I gained a much greater understanding of the difference in the roles of facilitator and teacher. How each is important and necessary, and I see how to better embody these two roles in my own work. Additionally, Cameron and Lucas really demonstrated what excellent leadership looks like, and we saw firsthand how positive intentions and attitudes affect the group. As a group, we rose to their level of excellency and walked away changed for the better by the experience. Life is better with mentors! Bless you.

JADE aka Cathy Chicoine Zen Rhythm Co.

It is with joy and gratitude that I extend a special “Thank You!” to Cameron and Lucas for a most amazing experience this past weekend at the Rhythm For Youth Training Workshop. Your passion, expertise and humility were an absolute delight to drink in and become infused by.
-Keith Yasheyko, Chimo Youth Retreat Centre, Edmonton Alberta

“Lucas and Cameron delivered an information packed, material applicable and actionable, workshop for all levels. There was plenty of practice time to test out the material and they created a safe space to try things out and “get in the ring”. I left feeling very good about my ability to deliver Rhythm Circles to youth and look forward to their next training.”

Richard Flank – Manager Step Up & Step In Project, YOUCAN Youth Services