Poison Rhythm (Group Mastery)

Poison Rhythm (Group Mastery) Rules

  1. Do not play the “Poison Rhythm”
  2. The “Poison Rhythm” may include specific notes
  3. There is no talking (or making sounds)
  4. You may use your body language and signals to warn your team the poison rhythm is coming (ex. one index finger pointed straight in the air)
  5. Each level has different criteria to gain a point
  6. To pass a level you must get three points in-a-row. If you have two points in a level and a mistake is made, you go back to zero points in that level
  7. To earn your coloured badge (yellow, red, pink & blue) you must pass all three levels
  8. If there is “blame, shame, or calling names” you lose any points you have in your current level
  9. Teachers may give points (or not take them away) if the class demonstrates sincere and exceptional team support and/or perseverance.

Yellow Badge

Level 1: Less than five students can play the poison rhythm, three times in-a-row

Level 2: Less than three students can play the poison, three times in-a-row

Level 3: Zero students can play the poison, three times in-a-row


Red Badge (Level 3 yellow applies to all red levels)

Level 1: Teacher may use distractions (speed, dynamics, facial expressions, words, one hand)

Level 2: Students MUST play everything that is NOT the poison

Level 3: “Poison Rhythm” can be played with any note and/or body percussion


Pink Badge (All previous levels apply)

Level 1: Must play “shave and a haircut” shoulder brush

Level 2: Must play dynamic contrast rhythm: I play: pp You play: ff

Level 3: Must play crescendo & decrescendo opposites


Blue Badge

Level 1: Must play the bass note on the “one” after the break

Level 2: Must play “the break” after the echauffement

Level 3: Must play 8 beat solo > break > bass note on “the one” – followed by extended echauffement > break