Below is information needed to complete the planning for your RHyTHM RHyTHM RHyTHM Residency. Please read the legend below for an explanation of the requests.

FACILITATORS: With two facilitators you can double the number of rhythm sessions per day at a discounted cost. However, we would require two spaces that are flat, unobstructed and conducive to a classroom-sized circle. Learn about pricing here.

GRANT: The deadline for AFA grants is April 1st, the school year prior to your residency.

STAFF WELLNESS CIRCLE: The first Thursday of your residency we offer a complimentary wellness circle for your staff.

FINALE: The finale is the culmination of our community rhythm experience. We invite staff and parents to join in a participatory rhythm circle to celebrate creativity, collaboration & community. We suggest a maximum of 175 students/finale. We will need enough chairs and/or benches so every student has a place to sit (each bench can hold 6 students). Optimally there will be enough chairs for parents and teachers. We request the gym be blocked off the evening before and day of the finale. Finales will be split by divisions, one each for divisions 1-3.

LEADERSHIP: At lunch recess, we offer extra drumming for students that will learn extra rhythms and have leadership roles in the finales. We would like students selected and ready to go for the first day of the residency. We ask that you select 20 students with a mix of musically capable students and some that may not always have an opportunity to shine.



Kindergarten-Grade 3: 3 sessions, a minimum of 30 minutes each.

Grades 4-9: 3 sessions, a minimum of 45 minutes each.  We prefer 4 sessions.

What to do if you are having trouble fitting all of the classes:

1. Consider hiring another facilitator for one day, you can get 7-10 extra sessions.

2. Double up younger grades on their last session. Remember we will need a space for a circle that big.

*Please include a legend with the enrollment for each class (we realize there will be fluctuation but this gives us an approximation for set-up.)